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Reduce, Recycle Clutter

Photo by theogeo

Don’t you hate it when people call your things ‘junk’!

Well, that’s what my sister called my things when she came round the other month to help me find an important piece of paper.  Admittedly, I am a bit of a paper and book junkie, but I do take exception to my things being called junk.  Junk is, in my opinion, items that are rubbish.  That is things that are broken, not working and cheap.  My things I would argue are good quality clutter (I don’t do cheap).  Basically I have too much stuff for the little space I live in.

When it comes to living spaces, my sister and I are complete opposites.  I live in an environment where I have piles of books, folders, papers and bags of fabric stash where you have to move or step over things in order to get around my home.

My sister on the other hand, is a minimalist.  You walk into her place, and there’s nothing there.  It’s like walking into one of those places you see in magazines.  I don’t know how she does it!

You may be wondering why I am talking about clutter.  It got to the point where I could not find things.  I would put things down, and in the next minute, that thing is lost, gone.  I would pay large overdue book fines to the libraries I belonged to because I wasn’t paying attention.  If somebody wanted to visit, I would refuse because there was no room for them.

So last year, I made a conscious decision to become clutter-free.  I got rid of my larger items and am slowly throwing out my papers – most date back to the mid-1990s!

Earlier today I was glancing through several 31DBBB participants blogs and I came across a post on Katie’s gorgeous blog makingthishome in which she talks about “A Simpler Life” and one suggestion she makes is to donate 5 items to charity.

Now I don’t like throwing or giving things away but after reading her blog, I decided there and then to donate some books and a treasured coat, which I have never worn and which has been hanging on the door for a number of years, to a charity shop.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I just hope my coat goes to a good home.

One day, I hope my place looks as good as Katie’s in the photos on her blog.

Anyway, you may be wondering, did my sister ever find that piece of paper?

Well, she spent all day going through every single piece of paper I had.  And, no it was never found.