Internet Marketing Explained Armand Morin

I got my copy of Internet Marketing Explained on Monday. I was very, very impressed with their customer service and here’s why.

  • The company kept me informed of what was happening with my order.
  • It took only three days from launch day for my copy of Internet Marketing Explained to get to me in Europe.

Why is this such a big deal?

In the past, I had laid down some serious cash and ordered physical products from ‘gurus’ at other seminars. I never got emails to say ‘hi’ or what was happening with my product AND after a few months of the product not showing up, ‘they’ could not be bothered to apologize!!

It made my blood boil as ‘they’ clearly did not value me as a customer.

So, when I received ‘the box’ of goodies on Monday, I was very surprised and delighted.

  • And, here’s the clincher, every binder was beautifully bubble wrapped!!! I loved it and that’s what makes Armand Morin different.

I haven’t had a chance to watch or read anything yet as I’m too busy admiring the quality of the binders – I’m such a big kid.

I got Armand’s product because I wanted to learn and move from being a beginner to someone who can actually ‘walk the talk’. I love his holistic approach to teaching and he makes it so easy.

In my opinion, Armand Morin under promises and over delivers and in my book, is head and shoulders above most internet marketers. If you have an opportunity to try out his product, please do so – you won’t be disappointed.



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