Welcome to Sindy’s world

Well, I did it, I finally blotted my copybook.  What is she talking about you ask.

You know what it’s like.  You see a blank (blog) page and you don’t know how to start or what to do.

You’re enthusiastic about it until that little voice says “I’m not sure”, “I need to know more”, “What if it’s not right”.

It’s that inner voice which keeps us from doing what we want to do.

I must admit blogging is a new venture for me and slightly outside my comfort zone.

On the other hand, the other voice says “just try it, what’s the worse that could happen?” and I would have to agree, “nothing”.

It’s all about mindset and so today it’s time to set the fear free.

So mangling some of Mike Litman’s words, “my Greatness has been Held Hostage for long enough”.

A friend told me about the following quote a year ago and he was right.  Enjoy!!

“You don’t need to get it right, you just need to get it going.”

– Mike Litman


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